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New sensibility. New enjoyment. Now at hand with INFOBAR.

You are witnessing a smartphone evolution toward greater freedom and brilliance. Time and time again since its birth in 2003, INFOBAR has revolutionized how people view mobile phones. A handset resplendent in novel design and unique coloring, INFOBAR has attracted attention far and wide as the icon heralding the future of au. Now in 2013, INFOBAR is ready for its next evolutionary jump. An aluminum frame and 3D glass mesh in smooth curves to create a minimalist functional product design. INFOBAR is born from an attention to subtleties that enables natural operation, with synchronization of its exterior and screen seen in details such as the matching of the width of the side keys with the width of the iida UI panel. The most emblematic expression of INFOBAR's new sensibility is the iida UI 2.0, designed atop Android™ 4.1 OS. Reaching beyond a uniquely weightless operability, the UI invites you to lay out your HOME screen with your current favorite content – photos, music, books,Facebook/Twitter and more – for direct access with a single tap. In short, it's a pioneering interface that lets you edit your "now." Enjoyment for every individual taste. The new INFOBAR. Let your own fingertips experience INFOBAR's full complement of specifications and its infinitely expanding possibilities.

* Facebook and the Facebook logo are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc.
* Twitter and the Twitter logo are the registered trademarks of Twitter, Inc.



The new INFOBAR arrives in three coloring schemes. Inherited from the first-generation INFOBAR, the NISHIKIGOI scheme retains its abiding beauty and unique presence. The white-centered minimalist shades of the ICE GRAY. Finally, a pop mood teams up with a rational atmosphere in the fresh AOAO scheme. Each embracing its own individuality, these coloring schemes richly enhance the INFOBAR worldview.



Naoto Fukasawa
Product Designer
Born in 1956.
Fukasawa's design widely ranges from portable digital assisting products such as watches and mobile phones to personal computing products, electronics, household goods, furniture and interior design. He has been collaborating with representative brands in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Scandinavian and Asian countries for their product developments. Fukasawa has won many awards and in 2007, Fukasawa was also accorded the title of Honorable Royal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts).
In 2010 and 2011, Fukasawa acted as the chairman for the Good Design Award judging committee.

User interface ― as you like it

As you freely lay out the HOME screen with the content that surrounds you, INFOBAR evolves into your smartphone. It's an interface as a canvas that depicts your "now."
This is a new sensation you're sure to enjoy.


Enjoyment and ease-of-use born of Quad-core chips and 4G LTE.

In its features as well as its design, INFOBAR holds the power to dramatically evolve your every day. Its size is perfect for enjoying content of all kinds. Take pictures. Listen to music. Browse the Web and check mail. Enjoy videos. Read books. INFOBAR has the features for comfortably enjoying all you want from a smartphone. Snapping photos becomes more fun with the bright, responsive f/2.0 primary camera, while the front (secondary) camera and its ultra-wide-angle lens take in you and your friends for great self-shots. Sound quality is greatly enhanced, too, thanks to built-in Beats AudioTM. You'll further enjoy stress-free content downloads and streaming over the 4G LTE ultra-high-speed communication service. INFOBAR solidly inherits the water- and dust-resistance*1 and 1Seg TV features of the keitai mobile phone form, yet also puts a long-lasting battery and high-speed charging*2 in your hand. As content flows from its 4.7-inch  HD display, INFOBAR enriches the very possibilities of the smartphone.

4G LTE compatible

Maximum communication
speed (download): 75Mbps

Tethering compatible *3

Tethering can be used with up to 8 devices simultaneously, for easy Internet connectivity with notebook PCs, game devices, or tablets at any time and place.

1.5GHz Quad-core

Featured in only top-of-the-line smartphones today, the Quad-core CPU achieves fluid speed and a crisp feel.

Water- and dust-resistance *4

INFOBAR's water- and dust-resistance is a daily lifesaver that keeps your device safe around the bath or outdoors in the rain.

Long-lasting battery

INFOBAR's high-capacity 2,100mAh battery lasts through long hours of use. Enjoy content without worrying about running out of power.

Front (secondary) camera

INFOBAR's ultra-wide-angle front (secondary) camera enables group self-shots. Lay out your photos on the HOME screen to further share the fun.

Bright f/2.0 lens +
Quick-launching camera

INFOBAR pairs the speediness of its quick-launching camera with lens performance that rivals digital cameras in photographic beauty. Photographs can be uploaded automatically to services including au Cloud. You can save your important photos without the hassle of backing up. * Requires dedicated app.

4.7-inch HD display

A 4.7-inch  HD display is your window to the world of entertainment flowing from INFOBAR. It's just the size for stress-free enjoyment of movies through Video Pass or books and comics through Book Pass. As you add the hottest content to your HOME screen, you transform INFOBAR into the smartphone that's all you.

New Music Life

Enjoy a diversity of music content services the way you like with LISMO, Uta Pass, and LISMO unlimited. Place favorite album jackets or playlists on your HOME screen to make playback just a tap away. Enjoy the high-quality sound of Beats AudioTM at any time.
* Earphones sold separately.


*1: Service is on a best-effort basis. *2: When using Common AC Adapter 04. *3: Operation when using tethering to connect to the Internet may be affected by the transmission environment and by the externally connected device. Transmission speeds are dependent upon the performance of the device. Usage requires tethering option (525 yen / month). *4: IPX5/IPX7 water resistance. Keep caps and battery covers firmly closed. Do not place in hot spring water, bathwater with bath additives, etc. Do not keep in water for long periods. IP5X dust resistance. Do not place on sandy be. Do not expose directly to strong rain.
* "Beats Audio" and the "B" logo are the registered trademarks of Beats Electronics, LLC.


It all happened in 2001 when INFOBAR amazed consumers longing for a new innovative idea in mobile phone design. It’s been 13 years since then. Once again, we are delivering results based on INFOBAR’s path-breaking moment that excited consumers searching for an innovative smartphone. Introducing a new smartphone that is based on the DNA of its INFOBAR predecessor; infuses design, user interface and design concept; and is more user friendly than ever. iida brings to you a new smartphone era, which all began with INFOBAR. Here in the spotlight is a full view of the new smartphone.

info.bar 「concept」 (2001)
Photography:Hidetoyo Sasaki
This concept model became the original inspiration for the first-generation INFOBAR. The idea of using tile keys with the color of your choice and installing a PDA (personal digital assistant)—which is now considered a precursor of the smartphone—touch panel on the backside, took user’s breath away and shattered the staid image of the mobile phone.
INFOBAR (2003)
au’s first design project INFOBAR, which was the forerunner of the “design mobile phone,” proved to be a timeless that had a tremendous impmasterpiece act on future trends. Moreover, because of its influence on the mobile phone market at the time when folding mobile devices were mainstream, INFOBAR was selected to be included in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.
INFOBAR 2 (2007)
INFOBAR 2 was the second project of the same series, which adopted the design DNA of the first-generation INFOBAR while at the same time sought a design shape that would delight its users and integrated the latest specifications It garnered wide praise for its high usability, such as a smooth form which fit comfortably in the palm of one’s hand, and for its larger display.
INFOBAR A01 (2011)
The latest model of INFOBAR appeared on the market as iida’s first smartphone. Ten years have passed since the concept model, which introduced the touch panel PDA, first appeared. The new INFOBAR shows just how good a new smartphone can be, by deepening the smartphone concept while retaining many of the design elements of the original.
INFOBAR C01 (2012)
Sporting a bar-type form that offers a comfortable grip and easy operation, INFOBAR is equipped with the eagerly-awaited numerical keypad along with the iida UI, allowing free rearrangement of the layout for usability. Uniquely individualistic, INFOBAR has evolved toward greater ease of use through its fusion of touch panel and numerical keypad operation.
INFOBAR A02 (2013)
INFOBAR has evolved for greater ease of use, with a fill lineup of specs. It is equipped with a pioneering interface that allows layout of favorite photos, music, books, and other content on the HOME screen, enabling direct access with a single tap. 3D glass and an aluminum frame compose the minimalist  functional product design.