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Management Policy

1. Basic Management Policy

To quickly and flexibly respond to customers' needs in this constantly changing business environment, with its increasing speed and diversification, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company works to improve the added value of its mobile telecommunications, contributing to the development of society by providing high-quality services at low cost and working to become a company that satisfies customers and deserves their trust and respect.
In addition, by building a high-revenue corporate structure that emphasizes cash flow, we make our basic company management policy one of working hard to become a company that is attractive to our shareholders and investors.

2. Basic Policy on Distribution of Profits

Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company acknowledges that return of its profits to its shareholders is a vital component of its operations, and makes a basic policy of continuously paying stable dividends as it takes into account the strengthening of its financial structure and internal oversight to ensure its future business development.

3. Mid- to Long-Term Company Operations Strategy

Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company, as both a member of the KDDI Group and a telecommunications company that provides cellular phone services in the Okinawa Prefecture region, works to provide new value with its foundation of a high-quality, stable telecommunications network and its business operations from the perspective of its customers in the region. In addition, we proactively contribute to the development of society through environmental protection programs and programs aiming to solve social issues related to cellular phone services. These are some of the ways we are working to further our TCS (Total Customer Satisfaction) activities and continuously improve our corporate quality to earn the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders.
And focusing on spectrum management and the introduction of new communications systems, we will take a thorough approach to effective capital investment and cost reduction, and will make efforts toward further strengthening of our financial structure and toward building a high-revenue business structure.

4. Challenges to Address

Okinawa Cellular's mobile phone business has arrived at an even more challenging revenue environment, due to factors such as the maturity of the mobile phone market and falling ARPU resulting from our expansion of discount services. However, by providing high added-value services to our subscribers at low prices, we will work to strengthen the power of our brand and to reduce churn rates. Furthermore, backed by our strong affiliation with the KDDI group, we will actively pursue the integration of communications services beyond the framework of cellular phones, such as fixed-line and broadcasting services, and the introduction of appealing new services.

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