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Service areas & Charges: Using overseas (au World Service)

Select your destination area on the area map.


Voice calling charges (tax exempt)

Voice calling charges differ depending on country and region you are using the service.
Charges will be incurred for incoming calls while overseas.

Calling charges (example)
Domestic call within your destination country International call to Japan International call to a country other than Japan Incoming call received in your destination country
Korea ¥50/minute ¥125/minute ¥265/minute ¥70/minute
America ¥120/minute ¥140/minute ¥210/minute ¥165/minute
China ¥70/minute ¥175/minute ¥265/minute ¥145/minute

SMS(C-mail)charges(tax exempt)

Sending Receiving
¥100/message [*] Free
  • [*] Charges of SMS (C-mail) sent from a smartphone using the au World Service GSM service will be shown as charges of outgoing SMS (C-mail) sent using the au World Service GSM service on the fee confirmation page or billing statement.

Data communication charges (tax exempt)

The same flat rate is applied to data communications regardless of country and region.

Smartphone Mobile phone
¥1.6/KB ¥0.2/packet ¥0.2/packet [*] ¥0.35/packet
  • [*]Minimum ¥50/message will be charged separately for up to 50 packets.
  • * Use of the Xperia™ acro IS11S in the GSM area is only available for voice calls.

Overseas Double-Teigaku

By connecting to a specified overseas carrier, packet communication charges for one day (based on Japan time) are from ¥1 to ¥2,980 (tax exempt).
Check details from the links below.

Service areas and table of charges (PDF) (in Japanese only)

See a PDF of service areas for au World Service and a table of charges. Print it out and take it with you when you travel. [As of August 3, 2016]

4G LTE smartphone/tablet users

3G smartphone(including iPhone 4S)/au mobile phone users


The available countries, regions, and cities may change due to specific circumstances of local carriers.
Area maps include information that is owned by Europa Technologies & Mosaik Solutions and each carrier.
Carriers that appear in the list may not be available due to communications circumstances in the destination country or region. KDDI is not responsible for the unavailability of carriers.

When planning to use your mobile phone overseas, make sure to check these important notes and information about service areas before you travel.

Before leaving Japan (in Japanese only)