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Product introduction

Do what you want, as long as you want with IGZO and the high capacity battery


Equipped with the IGZO LCD *1

IGZO is a man-made transparent oxide semiconductor that SHARP has successfully mass produced for the first time in the world *2. It is composed of indium (In), gallium (Ga), zinc (Zn), and oxygen (O), and its use in TFT (thin-film transistor) achieves various results including bright display with high resolution, better touch panel accuracy, lower power consumption *3, and more.

  • *1 The IGZO liquid crystal display was designed for mass production through joint development with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • *2 On April 13, 2012 (investigated by SHARP)
  • *3 Due to the capability to increase the amount of transmitted light per pixel and reduce the liquid crystal driving power at the time of a still image.
[Power used when still image is displayed (Image)]
Power used when still image is displayed (Image)

Liquid crystal idling stop

Similar to the fuel-efficient technology of automobiles, IGZO suppresses the CPU display operation when a still image is displayed and liquid crystals move only one time a second*. Furthermore, with the FEEL artist engine, image transmission is controlled in accordance with the display which dramatically suppresses battery consumption and results in longer use of the phone.

  • * May not adjust depending on the content displayed

High capacity 3,080mAh battery

Capable of worry-free extended use* by utilizing a 3,080mAh high capacity battery and combining with the energy-saving of IGZO.

  • * Depending on customer usage and communication environment, available time of use differs.

Get approximately a whole day's charge in one hour

Using the common AC adapter 04 (sold separately), you can get approximately a whole day's charge in one hour with high-speed charging. Rest reassured during those busy times before heading out that you can quickly charge your phone.

Beautiful visuals anywhere

photo:Approximately 4.9-inch high definition LCD and HSV color space support

Adjusting to a natural color tone

Approximately 4.9-inch high definition LCD and HSV color space support

Color can be adjusted in a color space composed of HSV, 3 components that are similar to human perception. The color of a person’s skin, the blueness of the sky, the green of a mountain and other colors that make people feel beauty are vividly displayed on the large screen.

photo:Use Fit Mode

Use Fit Mode

This mode automatically and intelligently adjusts picture quality by taking into account the brightness of the surroundings and the type of lighting (fluorescent or incandescent), the time of day, and the environment.

Photos change with the newly developed bright F1.9 lens.

Change the F-number for fun photos

An F-number shows a camera’s aperture, an indicator of the brightness of the image taken through the lens. The smaller the number, the more effective light is used in the situation. In a dim environment, a moving target can be shot clearly.

photo:Natural color tones without a mobile light

Natural color tones without a mobile light

photo:Blurring the background for macro photography

Blurring the background for macro photography

photo:Approximately 13.1 megapixel CMOS main camera
* When starting up from the Feel UX Welcome Sheet.

Approximately 13.1 megapixel CMOS main camera

The speed and performance of the sensor has improved to catch the movement of the subject so you can take quick photos and not miss a photo opportunity.

Shake the senses with premium operational finesse

Sweep ON & Shake OFF

You can turn the display ON and OFF naturally without looking for the power switch or change how you hold the smartphone when you press the button.

photo:Lightly touch the display to turn ON
Lightly touch the display to turn ON

photo:Shake the display left and right to turn OFF
Shake the display left and right to turn OFF

Bright Keep

When holding the smartphone in your hand, the display stays on. The annoying display that unintentionally turns off is resolved.

photo:While holding the smartphone, the display is ON. Even if it is put down, the display turns OFF after a short time
While holding the smartphone, the display is ON
Even if it is put down, the display turns OFF after a short time

  • * At the time of purchase, the setting is OFF.
photo:Another View

Another View

You can watch YouTube™ and share comments with friends on Twitter, or watch 1Seg and search for information about your favorite actor at the same time with Another View.

  • * Subscription to the LTE Flat is recommended.
photo:Desktop holder that supports smartphone covers include

Desktop holder that supports smartphone covers included

You can charge your smartphone with the cover* on with the included desktop holder. You can charge without removing and plugging in the cable, which is very convenient.

  • * Not all smartphone covers on the market are guaranteed to be supported.

  • "Wi-Fi Tethering" function that enables connection to up to 8 Wi-Fi compatible devices [1].
  • Also supports "1Seg", "Osaifu-Keitai® NFC (Felica integrated)" , "NFC [2]", "infrared communication", etc.

    Osaifu-Keitai® (in Japanese only) NFC (in Japanese only)

  • [1] When connecting to the Internet via tethering, it may not work correctly depending on your usage environment and external connected devices. To use tethering, application for the Tethering Option (¥500/month) is required.
  • [2] International standard for near field communication.

Product video


  • * [Water resistance] IPX5 rating: Be sure the caps are securely fastened and the battery cover is firmly in place. Do not immerse the phone in ocean, pool or hot spring water. The unit will retain its functionality as a phone even if blasted with water projected at all angles through 6.3 mm nozzles at a flow rate of approximately 12.5 liters/minute for more than 3 minutes from a distance of approximately 3 meters. IPX7 rating: Water will not leak inside and the unit will retain its functionality as a phone even if it is gently immersed in a tank of still tap water at room temperature at a depth of 1 meter and placed on the bottom for approximately 30 minutes.
  • * [Dust resistance] IP5X rating: This means that the unit is protected to a point where the entry of test dust (a diameter of 75 μm or less) will not ruin the unit's functionality and safety. Do not place the unit on the sand.
  • * To connect to the Internet, subscription to the separate "LTE NET course" is required. Subscription to the flat-rate packet communications service "LTE Flat" is recommended.
  • * Available only with an au Micro IC Card (4G LTE).
  • * EZweb service and EZ apps are not available. When you switch from the current mobile phone contracted under the EZ WIN Course to a new one, note that your subscription to EZweb service and EZweb site, e-mail newsletters, Machi-Uta is not automatically terminated or cancelled. To cancel or unsubscribe from these services, please take necessary procedures.
  • * Smartphones may access the Internet in some applications even when a user does not operate the device. Accordingly, a subscription to LTE Flat is recommended. In regards to the installation of apps, some apps installed from the Internet pose the risk of making smartphones' (and PCs alike) operations unstable or of making smartphones complicit in illicit activities due to attacks by malicious hackers. Accordingly, make sure that a provider of an app to be installed is reliable and check its operating conditions before use. Please note that apps installed by yourself and any malfunctions arising from them are not covered by the warranty. KDDI is not responsible for any trouble resulting from installation of apps.
  • * All screen depictions are simulated images. Actual screen may differ.
  • * Specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.