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NEX-fi Specifications


Size (W x H x D) Approx. 35x64x13mm
Weight Approx. 27.5g
Continuous Call Time Approx. 2 hrs.
Continuous Standby Time
(When used within Japan) *1
Charge Time -
Battery Capacity -
External memory
(Maximum storage capacity of compatible cards) *2
Display Type -
Display Size -
au IC Card -
Communications Speed - Downlink -
Communications Speed - Uplink -
au World Service -
Wi-Fi standard IEEE802.11b/g compliant
Interface -
External connection -
Max. Number of Connections 7
Supported OS(Japanese Version) -
Easy connection -
  • *1The continuous call time and continuous standby time listed are average time lengths for usage from combined moving and fixed locations with normal signal reception. The actual times for which the phone can be used will vary widely depending on a variety of conditions, including calling time, number of calls, email composing time, number of sent and received emails, usage conditions of Internet and applications, and network conditions. (More frequent usage or poor signal reception shortens these times. Less frequent usage extends the times.)
  • *2This figure has been confirmed through the operation test following KDDI's standard. With some models, copyrighted data that can be stored in external storage is transferable to secured external memories. However, note that the availability varies depending on the manufacturers: some microSD™ cards, microSDHC™ cards and microSDXC™ cards even with the above-mentioned specifications may be unsupported.
  • * Product specifications may change without notice.
Bundled items
  • NEX-fi main unit
  • USB charger cable (sample)
  • * Separate purchase of a common adapter is required.
  • *To use NEX-fi, a separate contract with a provider is required. "au.NET" (¥500/month) is set as the default provider. To change the provider, you need to access from a computer.
  • *The flat rate charge can be fully allotted as free communication charge.
  • *Operation has not been verified by dealers for models that do not support a flat-rate charge for mobile data communication, and therefore such models are not covered by warranty.
  • *<About Restriction on Use>
    For models that use flat-rate caps, such as a computer, PDA or car navigation system, when sending or receiving mass data (file download/upload, video file attachment, etc.) or when sending or receiving a data stream (streaming, video play, etc.), the maximum communication rate is restricted according to network traffic for the purpose of preventing excessive load on the network. For this reason, please note that the completion of communication may take some time.
  • *The specifications are provided by the manufacturer.

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.