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au Smart Pass

Content fees:¥372/month

No Smart Pass, no smooth Smartphone life. Apps. Convenience. Security. All for ¥372/month.

Smart Pass can now be used with iPhone. (in Japanese only)

* Available content is different depending on the model. For details see the service site.
Device requirement: Available for Smartphones (except IS01/Windows® Phone), au tablet with Android™ (except STM-i9100)

Uta Pass

Uta Pass can now be used with iPhone. (in Japanese only)

¥300/month14days free trial for first time subscribers


Listen to and discover music from diverse genres, from the latest Western and Japanese music to those old hits!


You can share your music experience with friends even when they are not with you! Connect to friends with music!


Your favorite music is played one after the other!

Device requirement

au smartphone with Android™ (except IS01/IS06/ISW11HT/IS11PT), 4G LTE tablet (AQUOS PAD SHT21), iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch after iOS5.0

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Video Pass

Video Pass can now be used with iPhone. (in Japanese only)

Unlimited viewing plan ¥562/month14days free trial for first time subscribers


Unlimited viewing plan gives you unlimited access to movies, dramas and animations! Also, with a rental ticket, you can enjoy 1 new release every month!


Supported on smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, and multi-devices! Enjoy whether at home or on the go!

  • *For first time subscribers, charges start after the 2 week trial.
  • *To download the application, 20MB of free space on the device is required.

Book Pass

Book Pass can now be used with iPhone. (in Japanese only)

Unlimited reading plan ¥562/monthFree for 14 days starting on the initial registration date


Subscribe to the unlimited reading plan and enjoy different genres of books to your heart's content!


Save as many books as you want to your smartphone to enjoy anytime you like!


Enjoy anywhere, whether at home, on the train to school or work, at a café, or on a trip!

Device requirement

au smartphones with Android (TM) (except IS01), 4G LTE tablet (AQUOS PAD SHT21), iPhone4S(except iOS5.1),iPhone5,iPadmini,iPad(after iOS6.0)

For details

  • *If you cancel au Smart Pass or Book Pass (unlimited reading plan), any content downloaded using the unlimited reading plan becomes unavailable.
  • *To download the application, 20MB of free space on the device is required.

Anime Pass

Unlimited Viewing Plan ¥400/month Free for 14 days for first-time subscribers

*When using au Simple Payment (au ID)


Unlimited viewing of blockbusters, classic and popular titles, and your favorite anime video!


Loaded with anime information through collaboration with the monthly magazine, Newtype!


Quickly find titles you want to see with the enhanced search function!

Supported devices

Smartphones and tablets running Android™ 4.0 or later, or iOS 7.0 or later

  • *iOS scheduled to be supported in July.

Click here for details


  • *A separate subscription to ISNET Course or LTENET Course (¥300/month) is required.
  • *Subscription to a flat-rate packet communications service is recommended.
  • *Smartphones may perform data communications in some applications even when a user does not operate the device.
  • *Performance and material of content is not guaranteed. Be aware that KDDI assumes no responsibility for the performance and material of content.

Viewing and listening within a Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

[Regulations of communication (4G LTE/WiMAX 2+/3G) speed]

  • *If the total amount of communication that you use within a month exceeds the specified value, the maximum communication speed for sending and receiving until the end of that month will be 128kbps. (The communication speed constraint will be removed on the first day of the following month.)

< Specified value >
4G LTE devices: 7GB (approx. 58.7 million packets)
3G devices (equipped with WiMAX only): 5GB (approx. 42 million packets)

< Estimate of 1GB >
Uta Pass: Playing of approx. 18 hours of music/Video Pass: Playing of approx. 2.5 hours of video/Book Pass: Downloading of approx. 19 comics

If you apply for the Extra Option (¥2,500 [charged automatically] for every 2GB after 7GB has been exceeded) with your 4G LTE device, the communications speed restriction does not apply.

  • *To avoid network congestion, a limit will be placed on the communication speed for a whole day if the total amount of communication exceeds 1 GB over the three most recent days. The constrained speed will differ depending on data traffic conditions. (This constraint still applies even if you are subscribed to the Extra Option.)
  • *Regardless of whether you are subscribed to a fixed-rate packet communication service, your line may be temporarily suspended if the cost of the packet communication you use becomes high.
*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.